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An audit is a control process consisting in evaluating the compliance of  rules, tasks and objectives fixed formerly, to conclude with a report.


We classify the audits in corporations in three types, to wit :

Accounting Audit


An accounting audit consists in using a series of procedures and techniques to check whether the information to be supplied by the organization through the different financial statements is reasonable, and ensure the concordance with the related professional ruling standards.


 The main objective of this kind of work is to afford reliability in the information of the account statements,  in the sense of quality and rate of recurrence.


This information is critical to know the economic and financial status of any organization.


Internal Audit


Any company should know whether its administrative and operative systems work properly.


For this purpose, we evaluate the internal control systems, consisting in a survey and criticism of the systems being used, determining the scope of the reviewing  techniques and service financial prudence.


The reports in this type of audit include recommendations to enhance the systems efficiency and procedures being used, and  including improvements to optimise the internal processes.

Purchase Integral Audit


This work basically implies applying specific techniques to evaluate the business concerns in process.


Moreover, determining the Assets and Liabilities, and turnkey Values,  as well as the additional economic and financial instruments will be applied to determine a market value for the purchase of an on going company, or a company being created.

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