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Human Resources conform a substantial element in any corporation,  and for this reason our Company renders not only operative but also fiscal and social security advice.


We analyse the composition of the labour structure,   the costs thereof, the type of activity involved, and further  related aspects to render the best alternative to your business unit.


The social security advice comprises activities such as the following:


  • Wages and Salaries Settlement (Wages,  Supplementary Annual Wage,  Vacations, Indemnities, etc.)

  • Liquidation of Social Charges and Filling in the corresponding Affidavits

  • Issuance of Wage Receipts

  • Completing the Law Book

  • Advice given to arrange the Staff Records

  • Permanent advice on labour legislation

  • Courses of action in case of any requirements, inspections, lawsuits and any other legal actions filed by the control organisms (AFIP,  Labour Department, Unions, etc.)

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